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Reviews (Persian version. English below.)
"There is a question here; How does a country allow its researchers to create such a game to criticize its own policy. Is honesty the best policy?" - Mahdi Fanaei
Technologies of History
"...a metaphor for the uncertainty of historical outcomes, but as a cat, the player is assured of landing on his or her feet, unlike Mossadegh." - Steve Anderson
"A harbinger of some future symbolic political game---perhaps the truest conversion of the political cartoon to game form." - Brian Hertler
Indie Game Reviewer
"Despite the imagery’s perspectival flatness, the actual experience of the visual scope is labyrinthine." - Tanya Kan
"One has to wonder whose idea of a documentary it is, outside of Luis Buñuel. " - Brian Howe
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"It’s beautiful, it’s moving, it’s frightening, it’s metaphysical, it’s allegorical, it’s mechanically as well as intellectually clever. It doesn’t patronise you. It knows you’re a grown-up and it knows you’re a gamer, and it treats both those things equally seriously." - Alec Meer
GEE Magazine (German)
" Monthy Python being dropped in a bowl full of persian kitsch." - Jan Fischer
ARTillery Magazine
"Naughty Kitty!" - Scarlet Cheng
Penny Arcade - Games You Might Not Have Tried. Ep #2
"Is this a game? Is it a documentary about the first Prime Minister of Iran? Is it an acid trip? Or is it just a story about a cat?"
Radio Free Europe
"[A zealous gamer's] only complaint? 'The fact that when it finally pulls you in, it ends.' Rather like Mossadegh's career." - Kristin Deasy
The Best Computer Games Magazine (Russian)
"The look, based on 13th-16th century Persian miniatures, is stunning." - Erik Johnson
“On one level, the game is about a historical moment; but it is also about something far more complex, namely perspective, impossible spaces, and manipulation. Things, perhaps, that cats know best." - Holly Willis
PC Gamer
“, fun and beautiful documentary game about a CIA-funded coup" - Graham Smith
Play The Past
"...days after playing it, I may not remember all the exact dates and names. I do, however, remember the images and Mossadegh himself...the mood and the tone, the oil dripping, and the confused way Mossadegh stumbled through his fall." - Emily Bembeneck
Indie Games
"It's really lovely stuff, with gorgeous art and a very fitting soundtrack." - Michael Rose
"The Cat The The Coup is easily one of the most creative games I have played. " - John Downder
"The game’s strongest asset is the narrow sense of tragedy it evokes. The Cat and the Coup tells the story in a personal way. " - Matt Reed
Reviews on the Run (click link on right)
"8 out of 10" - Steve Tilley and Raju Mudhar
"The way in which The Cat and the Coup presents its historical tale is riveting." - David Sanchez
"The video game industry is, right now, inunduated by trends and developers who find the unceasing need to be exactly like everyone else. For once, I'm hoping they'd do the same here and pick up The Cat and the Coup's aesthetically pleasing frankness and make it common place. " - Cassandra Khaw
"Though you may be able to travel to different worlds in a Halo or what not, you’ll never be as personal as you are here." - Chris O'Neal
The Game Machine
“Score: 90 out of 100" - Roberto Turrini
The New York Times
“A game that points vaguely toward a potential approach for future documentary films." - Michael Cieply
Nightmare Mode
"The Cat and the Coup illustrates a path for future docugames: clarity and depth of conscience without sacrificing playability and player interest.” - Tom Auxier
Indie Games Channel
"The Cat and the Coup is a fantastic experience."
- Jeff Mattas
"Its a beautifully crafted game with a lovely soundtrack.” - William Saw
Rear Left
"[The designers] give an audience that is often presented with dehistoricised version of the US and UK’s relationship with Iran a way into a narrative in a manner that is simultaneously playful and rooted in political history.” - Dan O’Reilly-Rowe
Queers with Beers Podcast #3 (43 minutes)
"It's a smart, non-commercial game.”
Shacknews Podcast (after 45 minutes)
"I love the idea of using video games as a way to communicate complicated historical material.”
DIYgamer PodCast (Episode 16, at 39 minutes)
"A really amazing idea.”
ARTillery Magazine
“The Cat and the Coup capitalizes on the many affordances of Persian miniatures from within their cultural context, and hopes to engender an appreciation for this graphic narrative device." - Kurosh ValaNejad


Modern Miniaturism: An Interview with Kurosh ValaNejad
Donya Bazi Magazine
Voice of America (In Persian)
Experience Points Podcast by Scott Juster and Jorge Albor
KALW FM Panel, Should Video Game Be Treated as a Form of Expression? (the mention at 47:58)
The Indie Shelter (Italian)
Just Press Start Podcast by Jeff Ortloff
Gamasutra's Road to the IGF by Kris Graft
Paste Magazine by Michael Thomsen
Games for Change Interview by Jeff Ramos
KPFA FM (Berkeley Pacifica) by Adrienne Lauby

Notable Coverage

ISEA Conference Proceedings, 2014
Harper's Magazine, July 2013
The New Yorker Blog
Electronic Gaming Monthly (Issue 246)
8 Wierdest Indie Games Ever Made
San Francisco Chronicle
Virtual Poland
Cold War Studies
Pundit Kitchen
Canada Free Press
A Tale of Tales Walkthrough


GLOBALE: Global Games
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Aug 11 - April 17, 2015-16
Karlsruhe, Germany
Games for Change Hall of Fame by Babycastles
Honorable Mention
Margaret Mead Film Festival, Arcade
American Museum of Natural History
Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2012
New York, NY
IAAB’s 5th International Conference on the Iranian Diaspora
University of California Los Angeles
Oct 13 - 14, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Play The Game Festival
Meowtown: A Whole Town
by Babycastles
June 21 - Aug 12, 2012
Paris, France
Foundations of Digital Games
Subjective Documentary (ACM Paper)
May 29 - June 1, 2012
Raleigh, NC
Patton-Malott Gallery
Visual High Exhibition
Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Feb 7 – 24, 2012
Snowmass Village, CO
Luke Wing Museum
Asian American Arcade
Feb 10 - June 16, 2012
Seattle, WA
Gamezone Indiegamereviewer PakGamers
Top 10 Indie Games of 2011
Longwood Art Gallery
Toys and Games with a Twist
Bronx, NY
Producers Guild of America Leaders in Emerging Entertainment 2011
Nominee - Console and PC Gaming
Adobe Design Awards 2011
Semifinalist - Innovation in Interactive Media Education
Games For Change Festival 2011
Runner Up - Knight News Game
New York, NY
Currents International New Media Festival
Web Art and Gaming Selection
June 10-19, 2011
Santa Fe, NM
Asian American Film Festival 2011
The Power of Play: Art, Social Issues and Education in Games
Independent Games Festival 2011
Finalist - Nuovo Award
San Francisco, CA
A Games for Change 2010 Favorite
Alan Gershenfeld, G4C Advisory Board Member's Pick of the Year
Indiecade 2010
Winner - Documentary Game
Nominated - Sublime Experience
Culver City, CA
Meaningful Play 2010
Lansing, MI

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